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Train Your Gut is a gut health sports drink that’s been engineered to be the modern sports drink. We’ve taken something that’s been around for years and optimised it for a healthier lifestyle, focusing on ongoing recovery and sustainable energy.

Sports drinks have been synonymous with working out since they hit the market in the 1920s. Built to rehydrate, re-energise and revitalise, the original formulations were considered medicinal. Sugar and salts dissolved in water, with a fruit flavour to make it palatable, made to replace the energy that had been burned and the hydration lost through sweat.

It is on this foundation that many of the drinks we consider sports drinks today are built. There has been little evolution from the original recipe, with the addition only of further artificial flavours and colours. Lucozade, Gatorade,and most other drinks that are emulating these market leaders have a simple ingredient list, however these ingredients are not focused on healthy recovery. Some include caffeine or high levels of sugar for a short burst of energy, and others focus on replenishing electrolytes.

Electrolytes are electrically charged minerals and compounds that help keep your body producing energy, effectively moving your muscles, and working properly. Usually, your body sources these from your food, but when you break a sweat your body loses electrolytes. Just drinking water alone can further flush your body of these valuable minerals, which is why it’s recommended that you drink something that can replace the minerals you need quickly.

Nevertheless, sugary drinks aren’t the healthiest, or the most effective, way to nourish your body following a workout. That’s where Train Your Gut comes in. We’re a sports drink, a probiotic, and a BCAA drink that’s all in one. We’re the first and only drink of our kind.

We started with a recipe that’s been around for more than 100 years and adapted it for the modern day. The electrolytes we include are naturally sourced from coconut milk and the flavours we use are natural essences, oils and extracts. Instead of the large amounts of sugar usually found in sports drinks TYG uses Stevia, which keeps blood sugar levels stable. We’ve added anti-inflammatories for recovery, essential vitamins for ongoing health and BCAAs, which the body relies on to build muscle. Most importantly, we’ve added something entirely new: a probiotic.

Whether you’re an occasional gym-goer or an athlete, what you eat and how your body absorbs it is vital. With TYG probiotic sports drinks your body is able to get the full benefit of the food you fuel it with. Gut health is linked to your sleep, mood, mental health and overall well-being! At TYG, we believe that you can improve your health, happiness and athletic performance by proactively supporting your gut health. Our goal is to drive mindful consumption and a proactive health care mindset, and to challenge the norm by pushing the boundaries of how products are being formulated to positively impact the health of the consumer. TYG has combined the best features from gut health drinks and sports drinks to create something new, made to support healthy lifestyles from the inside out. To try the next generation of probiotic sports drinks, try a variety pack of TYG today and find your new favourite.