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What is TYG?

Our drink is specifically designed to support optimal gut health. We’ve crafted a drink that contains well-known ingredients like BCAAs and combined them with cutting-edge probiotics and other functional ingredients, recognizing the gut is key to general wellbeing. We have explicitly chosen to avoid using artificial sweeteners, flavours and preservatives as we believe a more natural approach is better for the gut. Gut issue can affect 50% of athletes and given the gut is said to represent almost 70% of the immune system, and is estimated to produce 90% of the body's serotonin (the happy hormone), it’s fair to say it’s pivotal to general wellbeing.

When should I drink TYG?

We recommend drinking TYG cold post workout.

How regularly should I drink TYG?

We recommend having a can of TYG daily, to support optimal gut health. Gut health is all about creating healthy sustainable habits as the goal is to maintain a well balanced gut microbiome, with optimal levels of good bacteria.

What’s new about TYG?

TYG, previously known as Biome is a new improved recipe. We’ve added essential vitamins to further support your immune system, such as vitamin C and a range of B Vitamins

I'm an athlete/sports professional, can I drink TYG?

Yes, we only use the highest quality ingredients in our product and it is Informed Sports certified, meaning it has been anti-doping tested and safe for athletes of all levels to consume.

I already drink kombucha, what’s the difference?

Kombucha is fermented and contains probiotics however the strain of probiotic found in kombucha is not native to the gut microbiome therefore you will not be replacing any good bacteria that you are missing. The strain in TYG is native to the gut and is called bacillus coagulans.

I already take probiotics, can I also drink TYG?

Yes, there are lots of different strains of probiotics and getting a mix is generally recommended.

Is TYG an energy drink?

Whilst there are no energy yielding ingredients in TYG, how well you absorb nutrients is dependent on having good gut health so in that sense, by supporting optimal gut health you are supporting your body’s natural energy production.

I want to sell TYG at my business. Do you have a Wholesale Program?

Yes. We work with many of the leading fitness studios, CrossFit gyms, health stores and other retailers across the country. For more information, visit our Wholesale page. When you’re ready to join, please fill out our Wholesale Program form. We look forward to working with you.

How was TYG started?

Having experienced years of gut health issues and struggling to find a sports drink that didn't just worsen her symptoms, our founder Aoife Morrin, decided to take a holistic approach & create something new. The future of sports drinks is here! "Gone are the days of sugary sports drinks. This is not what our body needs, and anyway, there is a societal need to reduce sugar in the diet. A sports drink needs to refresh you and offer you some form of muscle support. But we’ve taken that one step further. A healthy gut sits at the heart of how our body functions; both mentally and physically. If you are not healthy, you can’t perform. We are providing a drink to help you prepare and perform for your sport and exercise goals. That is a true sports drink."

What is the shelf life of TYG?

The shelf life is 12 months from the date they are made. Find the exact Best By date printed on the bottom of the can.

Can I recycle TYG cans?

es, please do! TYG is fully recyclable with other aluminium cans.

What flavours does TYG come in?

We currently offer the gut health sports drink TYG in 3 delicious flavours: Ginger & lime Pineapple & coconut Pomegranate & hibiscus

Where is TYG made?

We’re proud to say TYG is a locally sourced product, produced and sold in the UK.

Is TYG carbonated?

No, TYG is still, designed to go down smoothly post workout.